Why should you use a candle topper?

Our Candle-Saver™ Brand Candle Toppers add style to both lit and unlit candles while helping them burn more evenly.

Made in the USA of hand-finished steel, they reflect heat to melt wax uniformly. This prevents wasteful, unsightly tunneling and coring. 

How do I use my new Candle-Saver™ Brand Candle Topper?

Step 1:

Check that the topper fits your candle. If the candle is new, you will need to trim the wick to 1/4”.

Step 2:

Light your candle and set the topper in place.

Step 3:

Let the candle burn long enough to melt the wax across the full surface.

Step 4:

When you are ready, blow out the candle, but leave the topper in place until it is cool!

Never move the topper until the wax is solid and the topper is cool

Helpful Tips

  • To avoid soot build-up from the initial burn, be sure to trim wicks to 1/4″ before lighting.
  • Some candles may need an initial 1 hour burn before using the topper to avoid soot build-up. The topper will correct any coring from the initial burn once it is used.
  • Candle wick placement and length can vary so it is important to place the topper carefully on new candles to allow for the least amount of contact between the flame and the topper.

How To Measure your Candle



To measure for your topper, you need to find the diameter of your candle in inches.

  • Place a ruler or measuring tape across the center of the topper- this should be the widest point.
  • If the candle ‘s diameter is the same or smaller than that of the topper, the topper will work.
  • If the candle’s diameter is greater than that of the topper, the topper will not stay in place on the candle.

Which Topper is right for my candle?

We design and make candle-tops for standard candles and custom orders!

Our most popular size is the 4″ candle topper because it fits on top of smaller candles and still looks good.  Here are some standard sizes if you know your brand and are wondering the size:

Bath & Body Works is 4 Inches

Voluspa 16 Ounce Large Glass Jar Collection  3.5 Inches

Voluspa 123 Ounce Hearth 8.5 Inches

Wood Wick is 4 Inches
Yankee 7 oz is 3.2 Inches
Yankee 12.5 oz is 3.85 Inches
Yankee 22 oz is 3 Inches
Yankee Old 22 oz is 3.1 Inches

Slatkin is 4 Inches

HomeWork/Slatkin special large-sized candles are 5 inches

HomeWorx/Slatkin new 2022 size is 5.25 inches

Note that if you pick a style which has a design over the area where your wick is, it is not a problem, just burn the candle until there is a 1/2″ gap first, so that it does not build up carbon.  Not to worry, the topper will then help your candle melt evenly once you start using the topper.

Just a reminder – – Toppers are HOT after using.  Please blow out your candle and allow to cool before moving.  Once the wax is solid, the topper is cool.