Dog Bones in Circle Candle Topper!



Whimsical Bones in a Circle Topper– for all you pet lovers out there! See  our collection of Dog-Themed Toppers to mix and match, too!!

We make these Candle Toppers which add style & function! And all our Candle-Savers ™ and metal artwork products are Made in America with American-Made Steel! Set them on top of your jar candle after lighting it (but let cool before removing!) They help your candle melt the wax all the way from side-to-side and top-to-bottom! And look great, too! It will also help even out those candles which already started to burn into a core down the wick. Remember, be sure to let it cool before removing it!!

We offer eight standard diameters:

  • 3.2″ Common/Traditional Single Wick Yankee Jar Style;
  • 3.5″ Less Common Voluspa 16 Ounce Style;
  • 4″ Very Common 3-Wick Style for Bath & Body/Yankee/Numerous Other Brands;
  • 4.5″ For PartyLite 3-Wick Candles, Harder to Fit Candles, or Slight Overhang on Smaller Diameters;
  • 5″ For Your Special Slatkin/Homeworx Jar Candles;
  • 5.25″ and 5.5″ For Newest 2022 Slatkin/Homeworx Candle Dimension; and
  • 8.5” Uncommon Voluspa 123 Ounce Style.

Our 3.2″ style topper is very versatile as it not only fits many popular brand candle jars but also works on a wide range of smaller jars, including Bath & Body Works 2.75″ diameter jars– overhanging just a bit and still helping your candle to melt the wax evenly.

For jar candle diameters up to 4″, we often recommend the even more versatile 4″ style which works with candles such as Yankee 12.5 oz (5″H x 4″W x 4″D) jars, Bath & Body 12.5 oz and 14.5 oz jars, and other brands measuring 4″ in diameter or less (again, overhanging just a bit on slightly smaller jars, but working well — in fact, customers report using them with success on even some of the smallest of jars out there!)

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Additional information

Weight 5.9 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 1 in
Outside Diameter of Your Candle Jar

3.2" (Fits Yankee 22, 14.5 and 7 ounce sizes), 3.5" (Fits Voluspa 16 Ounce Large Embossed Glass Jar Candles), 4" (Fits Bath & Body Works, Slatkin, Wood Wick, Yankee 12.5 Ounce), 4.5" (For PartyLite 3-Wick Candles, Harder to Fit Candles, or Slight Overhang on Smaller Diameters), 5" (Fits Special Slatkin/Homeworx Jar Candles), 5.25" (For Newest 2022 Slatkin/Homeworx Candle Diameter), 5.5" (for New Slatkin/Homeworx & Other Candles)