Fleur-De-Lis Candle-Saver Topper™ for Voluspa 123 Oz & Voluspa 16 Oz Large Embossed Glass Jar Candles!


Get 100% of the usage out of your candle with an even, slow controlled burn/melt of your beautiful candle.

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We designed these classic Candle-Saver™ Brand Candle Toppers to fit the exclusive Voluspa Hearth collection of 5-Wick Candles and the 16 ounce Voluspa Large Embossed Glass Jar Candle series.

No matter which Voluspa scent in the Hearth, 5-Wick Glass candle family, or 16 Ounce Large Embossed Glass collection, we’ve got you covered! This elegant design will help your Voluspa candles burn evenly all the way across, from side to side and top to bottom without any coring – – even if you only burn it for a few minutes at a time rather than the recommended few hours! This way, you will get 100% of the usage out of your beautiful  Voluspa candle, with an even, slow controlled burn/melt.

Just set the hand-finished steel plate on top of the jar after lighting it (but let the topper cool before removing!). They help your candle melt the wax all the way from side-to-side and top-to-bottom! And look great, too! It will also help even out those candles which already started to burn into a core down the wick. Remember, be sure to let it cool before removing it!!

It will also help even out any Voluspa candles which already started to burn into a core down the wick. Remember, be sure to let it cool before removing it!!

This roughly 8.5″ diameter topper is for the 123 ounce and the roughly 3.5″ topper is for the 16 ounce. (Of course, you may use these on other brands or your own candle jars if they also have a similar diameter, even if you let it overhang a bit, it will still look good.)

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We Use 1/8″ Thick Steel, but Does Thickness Matter?  YES!  But it can be confusing because a lot of ads say “heavy duty,” “thick,” or “very durable,” but those are just words.  Some ads will tell you it is a particular gauge, but if you are like us, these approaches make us feel like a goat looking at a watch – – pretty confused!  So, in this listing we use 1/8″ thick metal. Let’s put that in a list of thicknesses using common coins:

1/8″ = .125″ = 11 Gauge = Thicker than a Quarter and a Dime Stacked on Top of Each Other (2.4% Thicker).  It is 250% thicker than 18 Gauge and 60% thicker than 14 Gauge.

5/64″ = .078″ = 14 Gauge = Barely Thicker than a Nickel (1.6% thicker).  

1/20″ = .05″   = 18 Gauge = Almost as Thick as a Dime (it is 6% short).

*Made in the USA: All our Candle-Savers™ and steel artwork are Made in America with American-Made Steel!

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Additional information

Weight 5.9 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 1 in
Outside Diameter of Your Candle Jar

3.2" (Fits Yankee 22, 14.5 and 7 ounce sizes), 3.5" (Fits Voluspa 16 Ounce Large Embossed Glass Jar Candles), 4" (Fits Bath & Body Works, Slatkin, Wood Wick, Yankee 12.5 Ounce), 8.54" (Fits Jumbo 123 Ounce Voluspa Hearth Candles)