Any Monogram Letter Candle Topper!




We make these Candle Toppers which add style & function! And all our Candle-Savers ™ and metal artwork products are Made in America with American-Made Steel!

They are really easy to use.  Set them on top of your jar candle after lighting it (but let cool before removing!)  That is all there is to it!

Useful Tip: Be sure to let it burn long enough to melt the wax across the full surface and it can even out those candles which started to burn into a core down the wick.

How Are They Made?  We make them out of 1/8″ thick steel to absorb and reflect back heat, and hand finish each one individually. We design & test each one to ensure there is enough airflow to support up to three wicks in a 4″ diameter.

A to Z:  This listing features all 26  Letter Toppers in our Monogram Letter collection. Just choose the ones you want from the drop-down menu!

We offer all our Monogram Letters in the 4″ size.  A popular candle diameter size, these versatile 4″ style toppers work perfectly with candles such as Yankee 12.5 oz (5″H x 4″W x 4″D) jars, Bath & Body 12.5 oz and 14.5 oz jars, and other brands measuring 4″ in diameter or less (overhanging just a bit on slightly smaller jars, but still working quite well — in fact, customers report using them with success on even some of the smallest of jars out there!).

If you have a brand-new candle and the wick is so tall that it will cause carbon to build up on a topper, just burn the candle a while until the wick is lower. Not to worry – the topper will help even the candle out once you are able to use it without the flame touching the topper.

You’re now on your way to enjoying an evenly melted candle that burns beautifully!



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Additional information

Weight 5.9 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in
Outside Diameter of Your Candle Jar

4" (Fits Bath & Body Works, Slatkin, Wood Wick, Yankee 12.5 Ounce)


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