I have been looking for candle toppers for a long time. I am so glad that I finally found them and they are great quality! I bought two!!!

These guys are great! I am a huge fan of buying small and USA made. They worked with me on custom orders, providing fast and friendly service. The Candle Toppers are amazing and work so well at having your candles burn evenly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Bought this for a friend and she loved it!!!  It’s a great gift for candle lovers and it fits the Bath and Body 3-wick candles perfectly. The metal is heavy and gives a modern vibe to your candles.

AMAZING candle topper. Form and function!! Great seller to work with. Warp speed shipping. A++++


I am thrilled that they did a custom order for me!!! I have about 100 candles of the old style Yankee Candle, White Barn and Bath and Body before they changed them to the taller 3-wick. The old style is a 5 inch circumference and they tunnel when you burn them. They made me a custom, so I could utilize the full candle. Thank you for a great product!

High quality, well made item. Worked exactly as described, allowing the candle to burn evenly. Excellent seller. Thank you.

Got the bunny topper in the smaller size, fits the large jar of a common northeast candle brand perfectly and looks great.


A+++++ !!

Great candle topper! It’s perfect for my Bath & Body Works candles and candles jars of that size.

Love these! They work so well that I had to purchase more for my family and friends and so many designs to choose from. Very fast shipping! Will be buying more in the near future for the upcoming seasons.

Love the variety. The seller is accommodating.

I am so happy I found these candle toppers. Made with heavy steel and so many designs to choose from. Craftsmanship is excellent. I am having a custom size made next. Perfect to give as gifts.


Wonderful customer service and great product. Beautiful craftsmanship. Also, I love the size. It’s so hard to find 4 inches. I want every pattern!!

Great products and great transactions, thank you!


This item arrived in a timely manner and is just as expected. So glad I found this! It works perfectly to help candles with a harder wax to pool out completely and encourage and nice even burn. Worth it for sure!

Absolutely perfect!! Thank you for making it larger for my new Mother’s Day candles!!!! ❤️❤️



I was having an issue with a candle burning uneven! This solved that problem. I will definitely need more for all of my candles.

This candle topper is exactly what my candles needed. They are well made, heavy, and durable. I will be buying more for myself & also these make great gifts to give someone when you give them a candle.

The sturdily designed 3.5 inch toppers are perfect for 16 oz. Mason Jar candles. Be aware though that the toppers do get hot, so handle with care after extinguishing candles.

I burn candles close to 24/7 and RiverDriveDesigns toppers have proven to be completely successful in providing candle longevity down to the very last bit of wick and wax. I am 100% satisfied : )

This topper is high quality and heavy duty. I am trying it out on a Scentworx jar candle to see if it helps create a more even wax pool and so far so good! I plan to order a smaller one for my Yankee jars. Thanks so much!


These work great, I bought some candles from a few different companies and some of them were not pooling evenly. I bought these toppers and within about 20 minutes my candles are pooled even and beautiful. I definitely recommend these toppers.

ABSOLUTLY PLEASED with my purchase!!! The metal is heavy not thin. Color is almost of a pewter/gun metal color. And fits B&B jars nicely. I ordered an H design and it did match the description. I would order again!

Received super quick! My best friend has a house full of dogs and collects 3-wick candles and this guy was absolutely perfect!

I love it. Will definitely buy from seller again.

They work so well that I made another order! Thanks!

Thank you for this custom order. It is exactly what I wanted and it arrived quickly! I have placed several orders in the past and have always been extremely pleased with seller and product!


Works great, it’s very helpful if I have a candle that does not burn evenly on its own.

They are awesome! Work so well and are attractive!

It works perfectly! Thank You.

PERFECT! It’s so professionally done and this store has a gazillion of original designs; you’d want to buy them all. I ordered 2 more and had them custom make a 3rd one.

Great topper! I love all of the different design options. I’ll definitely be buying more in the future.

The quality was excellent! The item was 100% as described and has 110% met my expectations.

I absolutely love these candle toppers. The workmanship is over the top! They do get super hot when candle is burning so have to be mindful of that. 😉

This is the third purchase I’ve made with RiverDriveDesigns and definitely not the last. I am obsessed with the quality, shipping, and customer service. There are so many designs to choose from! I have one in every room with a candle. Can’t recommend enough, and will share with my home design group soon!

Always a nice product and shipping is very fast. I have several of these and love them.

Beautiful candle topper! The maple leaf is perfect for my fall candles!

2nd purchase from this company. Quick response to questions. Quick shipper. Awesome quality products. Very satisfied.

Exactly what I was looking for to prevent black soot on the walls from my candles.

These toppers are so nice and sturdy, they fit my candles perfectly, look so good, and are great for wide jars.

These toppers are awesome! I finally found ones that fit my candles! Well made. Would order again!

Wonderful! So beautiful and it works perfectly! I don’t know how I’ve lived this long without one! Thank you!

These large candle toppers are great!! Very wonderful, works great, well packaged, and fast shipping. Very good quality and craftsmanship! Definitely recommend to all large candle owners! Thank you!!

Simple candle topper, just what I wanted! It was difficult to find a 4” size in toppers so this is perfect and still looks good on my 3.5” candles as well. There is definitely a rougher side that faces down, but it’s a solid piece that is really substantial. Received super quick!

Magnificent. Amazing trustworthy craftsmanship! Loved it. Perfect gift to a candle lover or yourself. Will buy other seasonal designs in future. Thank you.

Amazing quality. I have been searching for a candle topper for my large 2-wick Yankee tumblers and 3-wickBath & Body Works candles. This DOES fit both sizes of these candles and looks great! Ordering was super easy and received my order much faster than I thought.

I am so thrilled at the quality of work on this candle topper. The coffee cup design is well made and so cute. It was a pleasure to work with this vendor in requesting what I wanted done. Thank you so much*****

I discovered RiverDrive Designs through a mention in an old blog post and I am so glad that I did! Candles burn better and longer with the use of candle savers and they are not widely available in stores. These candle savers are beautifully crafted and they were shipped and arrived in a couple of days, well-wrapped and packaged. They also made wonderful gifts! I recommend this company without reservation!

Love these so much! Fits my weird-sized two-wick candles perfectly, and works just as described to make sure the candle burns evenly.

And it’s pretty 🙂

Definitely plan to get more!

Love it. Works perfectly with my large Yankee candle.  5 OUT OF 5 STARS!

This is EXACTLY what my BBW candle needed! Perfection!

I enjoy using these candle toppers, great quality and a variety of designs for different moods and occasions. I have 6 so far and every purchase has been a pleasure. Fast and friendly.

Works PERFECTLY, I can finally use my favorite Target candles without dealing with the annoying uneven burn I usually get. Great designs too and very solid.

Love my monogram candle topper!! There’s no coring, no smokey glass and very even pooling extends the burn life. I bought my daughter one and she loves hers too!!


This topper is excellently crafted with heavy-duty metal! Gone are the days of using horrible, tacky tin-foil to fix the notoriously un-even burn and tunneling of my Yankee pillar and Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles!!! It works so well. Love it. I will be purchasing the smaller size for my large jars and 7 oz as well. Got here free and fast! Thanks again!


Love my starfish topper! Helps everything burn easily.

The topper feels nicely heavy in my hand. Works really well to cut down the effects of small breezes. I will probably order more to match the position of the wood wick candles I bought!

I purchased two of these and this one is my favorite out of the two that I purchased. It works great and the quality is fantastic. I would highly recommend.

Works perfectly and looks cute!

This candle topper is exactly as pictured. Great quality. I was having a hard time finding one to fit my Hallmark candle and this works perfectly! Would definitely purchase again!

This shipped so fast- wow! I ordered it 1 day ago. It’s really cute; I love it! Not cheap- you can tell it’s great quality!! I will definitely purchase more.

This is my second purchase from this business! These toppers are beautiful, heavy weight and extend my candle burn time. The owners are wonderful to deal with! 5 OUT OF 5 STARS!

Received both toppers quickly. They were exactly as described. I’m using one now. So happy with my purchases!

Fast ship. I love the spiral candle topper. It fits perfectly on Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles. Burns evenly. Also seems to enclose the flame enough to keep it away from my cat. I am going to purchase another. Thanks!

The candle saver/topper is well made. It is easy to use. Helps the candle burn evenly.

Perfectly made, fits my candles and looks beautiful lit up!! Highly recommend this shop!

This review is far too late in coming. I have bought several of these toppers with each family member’s initial, and I couldn’t be happier. My family feels as if they are with me when I use them, and you made Thanksgiving and the holiday season so touching and beautiful for me and mine.

I cannot thank you enough for the lovely addition of the Fleur de lis. I will be a repeat customer in the future. I am so grateful to you and your company.

Please excuse the delay in writing this review. I am touched to the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

ABSOLUTELY PLEASED with my purchase!!! The metal is heavy not thin. Color is almost of a pewter/gun metal color. And fits B&B jars nicely. I ordered a G design and it did match the description. I would order again!

Fast ship. I love the spiral candle topper. It fits perfectly on Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles. Burns evenly. Also seems to enclose the flame enough to keep it away from my cat.

I am going to purchase another. Thanks!


Excellent alternative to Illuma lids!

Let’s just say I am in love! These are perfect for my candles and the shipping was super fast. These are high quality made, I can’t boast enough! I will definitely be ordering several more soon!

I’m so happy with my candle lid purchase! I love Bath & Body Works candles and I burn them like crazy. I’ve been searching for a lid that fits their size candles and I had zero luck until I came across this shop. Their candle lids are great quality and very nicely made, with many options for designs as well. But best of all, they fit this size candle! I ordered 1 for myself and 3 as gifts for others. I will definitely be purchasing more for myself. I highly recommend these candle lids!

Love this adorable pumpkin so much! Perfect for my Fall candles. Thank you!

I really like these. They are perfect for the White Barn 3-wick and Yankee Candle tumblers! I’ve always used toppers on all my candles but the 3-wick and tumbler size are near impossible to find, until now.

Loved my candle topper! Really helps with candle even burning. Will be back for more!!!

Heavy-duty metal and design that mellows out my candle flames.

I bought the sun design decorative candle topper. As others said, you must use caution when handling this cover after being on top of a lit candle. It gets hot! I’m delighted that it fit my favorite brand of candle. There’s enough room in the center of the design to drop my candle snuffer to extinguish the flame. I’m a happy customer!

Love these candle toppers. Love the designs and so very well made. Highly recommended!!!

 Great sellers, communication and packaging! I’ve ordered 3 of the candle/flame toppers for my 3-wick candles from Bath and Body. The different cut out designs control the flame but still allow all the fragrance to come through the cut out design. These would make wonderful gifts for candle lovers.

Perfect!!! Fit my Bath and Body Works candles exactly!

Love the circle of pine trees❣️

Love the tree! So festive.

Cute and functional.  Helps melt the candles.  And prompt service from seller.  Nice shopping experience!

We Love This! This seemed like a gimmick and I didn’t think it would make a difference, but it does. No more uneven wax that doesn’t allow you to enjoy the whole candle.

5 Out of 5 Stars! Love the quality and design(s); arrived very quickly too!

Item shipped the next day and arrived 3 days later! Very impressed. The candle topper is heavy and great quality. Thank you so much!

This item is great. I’d been using tinfoil wrapped around my candles to prevent tunneling but once I found this I knew I needed to upgrade. It worked great the first time. I’m planning to order a second one in a smaller size, since the 4″ is a bit big for some of my current candles.

Shipped so fast and fits perfectly on the bath and body works 3 wick candles! We love it!!

Well-crafted and works like a charm, all while looking great!

I had ordered a couple of toppers, Biohazard and Cancer, and both are true to their pictures and very sturdy metal. I would absolutely order again!

The “P” candle topper will be a perfect Christmas gift. Beautifully done and suitable for year round. Thanks!

Love this Spiral Candle Topper!!! This was my 4th purchase!! The quality and appearance when candle is lit is great!!! It also helps burn candle down evenly!!! Fast shipping. Will shop again!!!

I absolutely love them! They fit the Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles perfectly. I can’t wait to get more!

The topper was exactly as pictured, quality is great and it looks beautiful!

I love these candle toppers. I have ordered twice and have been happy with the quality of the product and the quick service. I highly recommend this vendor.

Very Good quality and looks so nice when candles are lit!!! Will shop again!!!

My candle topper just arrived, and it’s super high quality! I can’t wait to use this with my candles, thank you so much, River Drive Designs!

These are exactly what I was looking for! They extend the burn time of my candles. Love that they are heavy and simply sit on top of the jar. Buying more!

Shipped so fast! Beautiful cover that is solid and works beautifully! Thanks for saving cats’ tails!

Exquisite workmanship. These candle toppers are so fun. They do get hot while the candle is burning.


Well-crafted item for a great price. Shipped quickly. Highly recommend this seller!

This candle topper saved my candle which was melting at an angle. They have so many great options and it works really well!

Excellent quality and was exactly as the picture that I was sent for my custom candle toppers. Will be back to order more.

Really nice. I got this size and one of the larger sized. They are well made and attractive on their own. Looking forward to using them. Very creative.

This candle cover is a miracle-worker! Sturdy, well-made, beautiful, and most importantly IT WORKS. My candles used to tunnel like crazy. I tried everything: I always burned them until all wax melted, wick trimming, tin foil covering…it was a constant battle. Until I got this awesome solid metal cover that fits all my candles. You can see in the picture how thick the metal piece is, and how perfectly smooth my one-tunneled candle is now!

Excellent product! I needed something to even out my candles and semi-protect my cats from trying to smack out the flame. Or worse burn their paw. It hasn’t happened yet! But this works wonders.

Before burning, my candle wax was lop-sided. It leveled out completely after 20 mins.

Absolutely love it! Would recommend!

Diane answered all my questions so quickly and shipped the topper out immediately as well! What a lovely, well-made piece! I will definitely be ordering  more as gifts in the future. Thank you so much!

I absolutely love my toppers and find I use my candles more now that I have them and they burn so evenly!  Thanks so much.

Just what I was looking for!! This was to convert a Yankee candle jar to an oil lamp!! Just beautiful! Than you so much!!

Just what I was looking for!

I accidentally bought a 2-wick candle so needed a slightly bigger topper than the toppers for my large jar candles. After measuring I was able to order the exact size topper I needed. It is made of good heavy metal and attractive in a rustic fashion (I picked the honeycomb design).

Perfect! It’s hard to find toppers for 4 inch candles, which I have a lot of. This will keep them burning evenly. Excellently crafted.

These are lovely, hefty and well made and were shipped super fast. Fantastic for jar candles with larger openings.

High quality and exceeded my expectations!

Beautiful work! Fast shipping, thank you!

Heavy-duty, fun design, fast shipping!

Absolutely love it! Would recommend!

If you splurged on an anthropology colossal candle, as I did, and are having problems with it burning evenly, this is the solution!! So happy!

Heavy duty candle topper. Did exactly what it was supposed to do– which is help my candles burn evenly. The post office mis-delivered it and it took a few extra days to get to me, but that isn’t the seller’s fault. I plan to buy a few more for my daughters.

These are so cute and totally rescued my candle that was refusing to burn properly. Such a simple thing but so useful.

5 Out of 5 Stars.  Thank you.

Well-crafted item for a great price. Shipped quickly. Highly recommend this seller!

Really beautiful, and keeps candle from coring. Love it!


Very pleased with purchase!

LOVE!!!!  We finally got our “tree” hung! It is perfect on that wall! We are loving our candle toppers too! 
Thanks so much!❤️

I love the spiral design and the heft of this candle topper. Fits my Capri Blue jar candle perfectly.

Feels and looks like quality. I highly recommend!

Perfect! Exactly what I needed.

Also attentive service and great communication. Will definitely buy again from this seller!

ABSOLUTLY PLEASED with my purchase!!! The metal is heavy not thin. Color is almost of a pewter/gun metal color. And fits B&B jars nicely.

I ordered an H design and it did match the description. I would order again!

High quality candle topper, now I don’t have to worry about my candles tunneling. Even if I can’t burn them for too long, using this candle topper makes sure the entire top of the candle is melting evenly.

What can I say ?? Everything is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I was so worried that my package was lost in the mail – I was assured that everything would be replaced without problem. Excellent customer service- excellent quality!!!! I am a customer for life!!!!

Does exactly what it says! The metal is very thick and sturdy. I have this on a tall candle right now and it still keeps the wax evenly melted every time.

Love these candle toppers! Great toppers and fast shipping!

Received the topper and it’s amazing. It’s heavy, sturdy and absolutely beautiful. I plan on ordering again.

This is a nice heavy duty topper. Well packed with instructions. Thanks!

I was looking for a candle topper for larger candles and this is perfect! There are many designs to choose from, and it arrived just a few days after ordering. I will be ordering more!

Great customer service. I special ordered for my Capri blue giant size candle. Perfect fit! No pooling of wax! Ordering another one for my daughter!

Super nice, heavy duty topper. Cool designs too! A+

Beautifully crafted. I’m so happy 🙂

Excellent way to make candles pool and burn properly! Definitely makes a difference, and looks a lot nicer than tinfoil.

The 4 inch perfectly fits B&BW 3-wicks, and the 3.2 inch just barely fits DW Home single wicks. I got the Fiery Sun, and I like that the design is open in the middle so I can easily light and blow out the candle.

Candle topper is heavy duty and looks great on my candle. 5 Stars.

I got the swirl and so far it’s fixed all of my candles. I try to buy candles from local shops and while they smell better in my opinion, they don’t always burn right, so this is a worthy investment.

The gift set candle smelled like fresh brewed coffee and the topper is well made to even fit a Yankee candle. I love the latte design. Fast shipping!

These really work! My second just arrived and I love the Fleur-de-Lis pattern. Package arrived quickly and in good condition.

I love the spiral design and the heft of this candle topper. Fits my Capri Blue jar candle perfectly. Feels and looks like quality. I highly recommend!

Not only is this product AMAZING, but it’s a million times better than than the big box store toppers. It’s very well crafted and made. I cannot say enough about how much I love this topper! I can’t wait to order so many more!!


Beautiful candle topper. Fits my Bath and Body Works candles very well. Thank you!

Thank you for making these. I LOVE ALDI candles and couldn’t find a candle topper to fit them!

This candle topper works great & is very nicely made.
So happy with my purchase!


It really took a long time to receive thru the postal system, but it was worth the wait! 5 Out of 5 Stars!

I ordered this for my sister and she LOVES it!

5 Stars and a Coconut!

The Topper is something I’ve used for YEARS… . As a matter of fact, I stopped using my “Bigmouth” candles until my 4″ Toppers arrive from River Drive. Why? Who wants a room filled with Smoke…or a Black Ceiling? With a Jar Top placed gently on a Topper, the flames use the available oxygen in the jar very quickly and “Poof”… flame out… NO Smoke in the Room. No touching hot surfaces. The BIG Plus? With Covers on your Candles the Candle itself lasts MUCHHHHH longer. I won’t light a Jar of any size without a Topper.

Looks great and very nicely crafted.

I purchased two of these and this one is my favorite out of the two that I purchased. It works great and the quality is fantastic. I would highly recommend.

Great quality! Works great for larger container candles!

Amazing customer service experience! Very excited to use these to extend the life of my candles.

Beautiful candle topper. Fits my Bath and Body Works candles very well. Thank you!

Well-crafted item for a great price. Shipped quickly. Highly recommend this seller!

All I can say is WOW! I purchased a couple as a Christmas gift for my mother, who is an avid White Barn candle consumer. Not only do the lids fit perfectly- they are such excellent quality and so adorable! I highly recommend.

These are great and fit the 3 wick Bath and Body Work candles perfectly.

Great designs and free delivery– can’t beat that!

I absolutely love this item. I had been using aluminum foil for so long. I got a snowflake design for the holidays but I will definitely be getting a few more after Christmas!

Absolutely wonderful! This is better than I even thought it would be. Great size and it has weight to it. I’m really happy and this will be a favorite shop.

Quick shipping and great candle toppers.

Love this! I have never tried a candle topper, but I wanted to use one to help with some soot issues in a small room. This topper works great! That flame does NOT move… and it’s beautiful. Super fast shipping as well. Highly recommend… I will be getting more!

Yayyyyyyy I can finally burn my Bath and Body Works Candles again. I finally found a candle topper big enough for the wick candles and it helps with the air drafts I get from my AC vents. This candle topper is perfect and helps create a melt pool within minutes. I just ordered another one!

I’m a very satisfied customer! These flat candle toppers are beautifully designed and made. Plus being flat, these little guys are super versatile for those odd shaped candles. Keep up the great work!

The item is pretty heavy, which is good! Shipped and arrived in good condition. Excellent product.

This is my third candle topper from RiverDriveDesigns. I love all of them.

So far I’ve purchased 3 of these (one for me and 2 as gifts) because they’re so well made and look great! Highly recommend for any candle fans like myself.

The candle toppers look great! This is a high quality item that enhances the look of the burning candle.


This candle topper saved my candle which was melting at an angle. They have so many great options and it works really well!